Monday, February 21, 2011

15 months and Curls

After breakfast yesterday morning, I decided it was time to do a quick photo shoot of our rapidly growing gal! Since we just went for a 15 month check up last week, we found out Lydia is gaining ground on the growth chart finally! She weighs 20.9 lbs (13%) and is 29 inches long (12%), still sweet and petite :) This has been such a fun season of watching her learn SO many new things and trying to say her own language of course! I am learning that everything I say is sinking in that little head, so I better be careful! For example, since I say "Weeee" every time I push her in the swing, she now says "wee wee" when she just sees the swing :) Boy, are we glad it is swinging weather!! It is amazing how God created seasons and uses something as simple as changing temperatures to bring such joy and refreshment to His children!
Now on to lots of pictures....

Bath time! The tug boat that Moo Moo gave her for Christmas is her favorite to play with in the water for sure. Now all we have to say is "boat" at anytime of the day and she makes a motor boat noise with her mouth. We love it.
Suds are fun
Lydia LOVES wash cloths, probably b/c they double as a drink since she loves to suck all the water out. She is learning how to wash her body parts. So far she will wash her feet and face :)
Hair drying reading time. She still loves books!
Our favorite is Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones. She does an amazing job at showing how the whole Bible points to Jesus, "our Rescuer", and how from the beginning of time He has loved us with a " Never Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love." I know Lydia can't understand it now, but Brian and I are refreshed in our understanding of the gospel every time we read it to her. Seriously, it is a MUST have!
Post shower curls are the best! Once she takes one nap on them they start to go these pictures were strategically done right after her hair dried :)
What a big girl, "reading" on the new table PaPi build her for Christmas! Thanks Dad!!
She still loves Ellie for sure, but Ellie gets a little rambunctious during play time, so the gate has come in handy.
Dee Dee supplied us with some singing and dancing stuff animals for Christmas. Lydia LOVES them. She "dances" whenever they start singing and she hands it to us as soon as it stops to start it again. Jingle Bells all year at the Cosbys :)
I've tried to show her that there is an easier way to stand up, but she insists to do it this way :)

She loves to pull up on everything!
And still loves to put everything in her mouth....including her new table.
Loves to blow Kisses. We love it too!
Big grinner :) If you look close you can see her 2 bottom teeth....and if you look even closer you can see the big back left molar. Yes, all 4 molars are coming in. Most random tooth order ever. Our doctor said she must not have read the book.
Loves to walk holding on to the wall and sticking her tongue out. She is an expert walker while pushing or holing on to something, but has only taken one independent step. I think we will have a walker soon!
Another good 2 tooth shot
She has turned into and expert bow remover and will always perform that trick on demand....or any other time she remembers she has one in.
A few pictures of the AMAZING art table my dad made for Lydia. I asked him to make us a basic, easy art table, and we get an heirloom! Not the first time...and I hope not the last!! We sure are blessed!

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