Sunday, June 27, 2010

Welcome Emma Lynn!!

Precious Emma Lynn arrived June 23 in Germany!! We are so excited for Jud and Li! It is so hard to grasp the fact my brother is a dad!! She is 5 lbs 6oz. They got home from the hospital on Friday and are doing great. We appreciate all your prayers for a safe delivery. I wish we could hop on a plane today to go see them! Lydia will have to look at lots of pictures so she will recognize her cousin as soon as they finally get to meet! It is going to be so much fun for them growing up only 7 1/2 months apart. Hopefully one day we will live closer to each other!

Great Sermon

For those of you who struggle with fear, like I do, here is a fantastic sermon by Tim Keller.

Friday, June 25, 2010

No More Reverse Mullett

I have put it off long enough. Erin came over last night and told me I could not wait any longer, it was time to trim Lydia's reverse mullett. She has always had serious comb over action in the back, which hid her little bald spot. Her bald spot has grown back for the most part, so it was certainly time for a trim. Mom held her while I cut. Of course Lyd kept looking from side to side and wiggling, so thankfully she did not end up getting poked with the scissors! She was a trooper by the end. I actually took quite a bit off the back. She looks so cute all trimmed up! We have had such a great week staying with Moo Moo and Poppy while Brian has been on a mission trip with the youth in Cherokee, North Carolina. We can't wait to see him tomorrow!!

Pre Hair Cut
Post hair cut

So much better!!

Tons of fun with Moo Moo!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Faith, Prayer and Flax Seeds

Summer walks are one of my favorite things these days. Since Lydia tends to be a little cranky in the evening, I have found that is the best time to walk. It is cooler and she just happily watches the scenery or takes a little cat nap. Ellie is doing good walking by the stroller....we have had some serious pulling issues in the past, so I am very grateful that my strong 70 lb dog no longer pulls! On our way home from our walk tonight, we had a little bit of a close call. I was crossing the street near a turn in the road and was trying to get Ellie to go to the other side of the stroller. She was not understanding what I wanted so I stalled for a second to switch hands....not a smart thing to do in the middle of the road. However, it is a really quiet neighborhood and no cars had passed us the whole walk. Before I was fully adjusted, I heard a car coming around the corner quickly, I fumbled to get out of the way, but Ellie was standing in front of the stroller. Thankfully the car saw us just i time to slow down and give me time to get to the side of the road. Obviously, we are fine and Lydia snoozed right though it. It just got me thinking. Despite the fact I tend to be the safety police around here, I still obviously cannot keep me and Lydia...or Ellie for that if it were left up to me. The Lord is reminding me that He is ultimately in control and he loves Lydia more than I could ever love her, and he loves me more than I know. He kept that driver from looking down at her cell phone or in her purse at that moment. Yes, He could allow something that seems bad one day happen to us, but He is still good and in control. I don't know why I so often fall into the trap of thinking that if I were in control, we would be fine. What a huge lie!
Just wanted to share a great book my sister introduced to me. It is called Prayers of an Excellent Wife by Andrew Case. I realized I have not been praying for Brian like I should. I tend to get so easily distracted and pray about other things. I have found that if I use scripture or a book to help guide part of my prayers, I am able to stay more focused and have more intentional time with the Lord. This has been an awesome resource. You can veiw the book online for free or you can order it. I have not seen it in stores. If you order it off the authors website you can get it for $4.82 if you use the coupon code:4HM3HHEE. His website is: Sorry I tried to make it a link, but I can't figure it out. When you are on the home page just click on books if you are interested.
Water of the Word
Another random side note....I have learned this week that flax seeds are great for constipated babies and high cholesterol. Since poor Lydia is so prone to constipation and Brian has high cholesterol, I realized this would be a great addition to our diet. After trying the food processor unsuccessfully, I read that you have to grind the seeds in the coffee So far we have only been at it a few days, but it seems to be helping Lydia already!! Hooray!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Welcome Summer!!

As the trend goes, since the seasons are changing, it must be time for me to do a blog update! We have had quite the eventful past 2 months. Lydia is now 7 months! She is more and more expressive every day. She is rubbing her eyes when she is sleepy, opening her mouth wide for food, giggling at you across the room (see video at the end), and finding lots of joy watching Ellie sit and chase her ball. She is still loving her 2 fingers. She is starting to sit without support for about 1 min max. No crawling yet, but she sure is rolling everywhere! I cannot believe she is over half a year old. We are enjoying her more than ever.
The end of April was her first beach trip. We went to Hilton Head for the annual Cosby/Echerd family vacation. Babies are multiplying every year we go! Lydia had a great time with her big cousin Hayes (18mon) and little cousin Lilian(6mon). Aunt Katherine got Lydia and Lilian matching bonnets for the trip and they were so precious. I learned very quickly that beach trips with a baby to not include much beach time, but still tons of fun! We took more pictures at the beach and pool than minutes we were actually out there!
Before we left for the beach, my precious college buddies got together to celebrate 2 new little ones on the way. We had a joint shower at our house for Lauren and Ellen. They are both expecting this summer. Lydia has tons of buddies in the making!
Lydia's baptism was May 23. Since Brian was ordained last December, he was able to baptize her! It was so special! It is so wonderful to have the hope and peace that the Lord holds Lydia in the palm of His hands. We wait expectantly for the day she will come to know the Lord personally and be filled with the joy and hope that is only found in Him!

My special fingers
Reaching out for everything...especially Ellie!

Moo Moo, Poppy, Dee Dee and Grandpa came for her baptism
Daddy baptizing his sweet baby girl
Lauren's Birmingham Shower

Lauren and Ellen's Atlanta shower

Can't wait to meet Lucy and Jackson!
First family beach shot! Loving the sling these days!

Sweet bonnett babies!
Playing chicken with Hayes
Cousin hangout time!

My little smiler! I love these shots!

The growing Cosby/Echerd family!

I love reading time with Daddy!
Silly Daddy!!