Tuesday, July 27, 2010

For the Love of Watermelon

Yesterday was watermelon introduction day. Needless to say it was a hit! Lydia gets the love of watermelon honestly! She ate it through the mesh feeder and chowed down in no time. She is still having a hard time picking up small, wet pieces of fruit, so the feeder comes in handy. I have found cutting the watermelon in half and scooping it out with an ice cream scoop is the quickest and easiest way for me to "cut it up." I am pretty sure Lydia and I will go through some serious watermelons for the rest of the summer!
I stumbled upon a really great food storage website: http://www.stilltasty.com/ I feel like I am always guessing how long food will last safely, and now I have a quick place to check. I am trying to be more careful about food storage since I am feeding it to my sweet girl!
A friend showed me this money saving website and it has been really helpful so far!

Who wants green beans after watermelon?!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Lovin' Lucy!!

Finally a post and finally back in town for a while! It has taken me a while to catch up around here! Lydia, Brian and I have been crazy traveling these past few weeks! Brian has been out of town for 3 weeks to Cherokee, NC for a youth mission trip, to Nashville for the PCA General Assembly, and to Chattanooga for a youth leadership camp. While he was gone Lydia and I lived out of a suitcase as well. We spent a few days with Moo Moo and Poppy waiting for Lauren to call and tell me she was in labor. Lucy decided to take her sweet time, so Lauren ended up knowing her delivery date in advance, since she was having to be induced. The scheduled date made it much easier for Lydia and I to plan our trip. I realized that jumping in the car at a moments notice and driving to Birmingham at any hour of the day was going to be very interesting with an 8 month old. We headed over a day before the induction to help Lauren get the last few things together. One of our sweet friends, Channdara, kept Lydia for me all day while Lauren was in labor, so that I could be at the hospital. What a blessing to be a part of that wonderful day!! We stayed in Birmingham for one more night, and them headed back home for a week. Thankfully, Robyn and John came and stayed with me in the middle of the week, which was such a treat when you have been home alone! We sure missed Daddy! At the end of the week we headed back to Birmingham to give Lauren and Derek a hand with Lucy. I think Lydia and I might have created more craziness, but we had a great time! Not a ton of sleep......I was reliving my early postpartum days.....Some of those details might be worth forgetting :) After that week I realized I have it pretty easy with an 8 month old who sleeps though the night. Adding a newborn in the equation is no joke! I thought I juggled things now.....no no. Two babies are some serious juggling. To those of you who have more than 2.....I am amazed by you! Lauren and I decided that team mothering is the most encouraging and effective way to go about this new motherhood thing. Maybe we can convince them to move to Fayetteville.....until then there will be lots of trips to Birmingham! It will be so fun to watch Lucy and Lydia grow up together. It is so clear that the Lord created us for relationships. Friendship is such a sweet reminder of how the Lord loves and cares for His children!
Erin and I cheering Lauren on!

Admiring precious Lucy

First picture of the fun 4 :)

Spur of the moment play time and photo shoot. Don't look too hard, Lydia does not have on the cleanest outfit and Lucy's is on backwards....we are new moms.....can you tell??

Getting acquainted

Wow! is Lydia that big?

First of may walks with the Gals!
Our sweaty babies

Sweet Lucy!