Friday, September 11, 2009

Nursery Furniture

Hooray for nursery furniture!! Brian spent a few hours this week assembling the 2 pieces. What would I do without my handyman?? They look black in the picture but they are really a dark wood finish. We will use the top chest of drawers for a changing table. 7 weeks and 4 days and counting......

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Nursery 101

Hooray for painted walls and bassinets! My wonderful parent came down to help Brian paint on Saturday. Since we have had to paint the entire interior of the house (trim, ceilings, windows, doors, closets and walls), it has been a slow process. I wish I could help! I wish paint fumes and pregnancy were not an issue! The upstairs looks SO much better now, and the nursery is officially started! We got this bassinet at a church yard sale a few months ago. It cleaned up really well! I got really excited when I hung her first 3 little outfits in the closet yesterday. Here are some pics.

Pink and green

Not quite fully equipt yet, but we still have 2 months!

First dresses...thanks Mom! Piggy bank from Aunt Erin =)

Hallway upstairs. My parents should start a painting business.

What will she do when she is not our only baby??

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Well finally a blog update!I promise at some point I will get better with the updates. I am glad to say we are finally done with our crazy summer! Between moving, home repairs, youth trips and activities, my sister's wedding and expecting a baby, it has been hard to find time to breathe. Brian and I decided we desperately needed some quality time together so we took a 2 night trip to the beach a few weeks ago. It was great to finally get to rest and spend some time together!
Before we left for the beach, Brian and Aaron started putting our fence up. Since then Brian has finished it! Yay! I am SO excited that we will have a place to let Ellie out once our little girl is on the scene! Not to mention it will be a great place for her to play in a few years!
I have not put any house pictures up since the move, so I included some for those of you who have not seen it. We are still working on lots of painting and trim work so we have not put anything on the walls yet.
As for the nursery, the picture is evidence that we have lots of work to do! I did pick a color green this week and my parents are coming to help us paint this weekend. The whole not being able to paint while pregnant thing, has proved to be quite frustrating since we are repainting the entire house. Brian has been a champ thought! He has proved to be quite the wiz at home repairs and remodeling. Praise the Lord for a handy husband! We have ordered the crib and chest of drawers/changing table this week, so hopefully they will be in soon.
As for the pregnancy, 31 weeks and counting! I cannot believe I am in my third trimester already! She is moving like crazy and seems to be growing on schedule. It has been fun for Brian to feel her and watch my belly move from a distance. We think we have finally settled on a name after changing many times....Lydia Joy Cosby. We can't wait to meet her!
Brian took the written version of his ordination exam on Monday and passed!! He has his committee oral exam on Sept 15, and then he goes before presbytery for one last oral exam in October.
Please keep Jud in your prayers. He and his guys have seen more action in Afghanistan than he did on his previous deployment. They had a very close call last week, but praise the Lord, everyone made it out.
That will be all for now, youth is about to start, so I better hit the road.

In the hotel lobby

29 weeks at this point

Nursery Quilt theme and color, Ellie approves.

Current nursery status

The new fence!!

Ellie chilling in her chair in the study

Ellie in the living room

Al fresco kitchen. I am liking not having cabint doors up top, but we will finish painting the drawers and put bottom cabinet doors on eventually.