Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Lydia is 1! She surprised us on her birthday by standing up in her crib for the first time! It won't be hard to remember the date of that milestone :) We can't believe it has been a year since our sweet girl was born. What a fun adventure this year has been! Talk about trial and error....hopefully she won't remember all the boo boos we have made as first time parents! We should be pros by our next one right?? Her little personality is coming out more every day. She is loving to pull up and climb on anything big in sight. Good thing we took the book cases out of the playroom! The beginning of this week she finally started cutting a tooth! It is hard to see but I can feel it on the bottom gum. Teeth will sure be handy for this big eater!
Here are some pictures of her big day!
Standing is so much fun.....especially while playing with Ellie!

Family shot at her little party

The birthday girl

Her friends waiting for her in the playroom.

Birthday lunch

I decided after it took me forever icing this cake that I do not plan to take up cake decorating as my next hobby.

Getting some help blowing out her candle. (She sure blows bubbles well into her milk with a straw, maybe I should have put a straw in her mouth!)

She dove into the cupcake! With 2 handed action she ate every little bit! Nothing dainty about this girl.

All her little buddies eating cake. Girls, Girls, Girls. The 4 fellas were way outnumbered at this event!
My big girl drinking out of a straw. Bring on the cows milk!

Macy Jane and her Aunt Brit rocking away

Apparently, Anna and I were the only 2 that got the memo to look at the camera. Caroline and Lydia were entirely too amused by the new toys :)

Gift opening was a team sport for sure!

Investigating some new blocks from Moo Moo

Sporting her new cozy hat. She got some serious cold weather gear.

So glad Moo Moo, Poppy, Aunt Robyn and Uncle John coud come celebrate with us!