Monday, September 27, 2010

Our Scooting 10 Month Old

While others may be walking at this age.....we are so proud of our scooter :) Like the hair do??

Sunday, September 26, 2010

10 Month Update

Here is our 10 month update that has been on my to-do list for the past 3 that she will be 11 months in a few days, here we go :) Wow, is this the season of change or what?? I read in on of my baby books that months 5-8 are pretty easy since most mom's have a good handle on what works with their babies....then everything changes. That lasted till about 9 months with we are off and running (or scooting) with a little girl, no more little baby I'm afraid. This phase is so much fun though. We can do lots more interacting, playing and seeing more of her little personality. I tried to capture some of our new stuff on camera.
Here is our 10 month run down.....
*Petite girl: 17.5oz (8th%)
*Big grinner and laugher.....We will do just about anything for a laugh, but it doesn't take much these days.
*Still scooting, starting to pull up on stuff, but not cruising yet....I think we are really close.
*LOVES to watch Ellie do just about anything
*Enjoys interacting with other kids
*Likes to explore new closets and bathrooms.....who knows what she will find....gross.....need to start being a better floor cleaner!
*Likes to give grunts of protest when we put her in the high chair, change her diaper or a multitude of other things.....any tips on nipping the winning in the bud early??
*Now eating mostly finger foods, favorits are: avacodo, banana, blueberries and black beans. When it comes to baby food the first word that comes to mind is spitting.......
*Officially done nursing and on to formula, wow expensive! Glad she will be moving to normal milk at 12 months!
*Most common sounds: BaBa, DaDa, rare MaMa.....pretty sure no connection to people yet.
*Lots of clapping and now waving, especially to herself in the mirror.
*Still no teeth.....but all sorts of "teething"
*Sleeping with a lovey....thankfully not a particular one yet, while sucking her 2 favorite fingers.
*Attachment anxiety, not liking Mama to leave at all......yikes.
*Stranger anxiety.....when someone walks up to her in the stroller, she loses it 99% of the time....poor person usually feels awful.
*Particularly interested in plugs, cords and standing lamps.....of all the toys in the playroom, she tends to go straight to the very few off limit things.....she does not seem to be getting the memo.....apparently my "serious voice" is hilarious.
*Loves the outside swing at Moo Moo and Poppy's house.
*Loves to grab hunks of our skin, dig her nails in and yank....I think I have almost lot a lip and nostril multiple times....I am trying to teach her what it means to "be sweet", but again I don't think she is getting the memo.....any tips??
*Cuddling days are mostly over.....sad but true.....way more exciting things to do apparently.
*Loves to give big, wet, long open mouth kisses! We can't get enough of those :)
*Loves to sit herself up, scoot to the book basket, pick a book and flip though cute!! She gets that from her Daddy!
*Hums while the Glow Worm sings. Love it!

Lots of fun squeals of delight :)
Sitting up on her own from laying down
Still sporting blue eyes! I hope they stay.....but who know where they came from??
Still gnawing away at the fingers and being entertained as always by Aunt Erin!

LOVES to watch Ellie and Boomer chase their ball
Always loves hanging out with Aunt Robyn!
Having tons of fun with Moo Moo and Poppy these days
Sticking out her tongue at meal time.....and lots of spitting......
Despite all I have blamed on teething over the past few months....still no teeth! She loves to grin bearing her gums to the world :)

Bonnets are my new favorite accessory.....hooray for hand-me-downs!
Enjoys hanging out outside....when it is not to hot and buggy.
Loves to reach, grab, dump and discover new things

Loves to sit and bang stuff together
Almost done with baby food! This is the face we get when she is done....may be after one bite.....but finger foods are working much better
First Daddy pancake experience the day she turned 10 months! What a treat!

She had tons of fun this trip to see Webbers a few weeks ago!